Daresay Phone Dock

Dock Front.jpg

Design Brief

This was a project for Daresay to design a phone dock for internal use by both developers and designers as well as a marketing project to give away to clients.

I was asked by one of the team leads to take one of his initial sketches and make a prototype.

The goal was to design something that could be sent to a larger scale manufacturing to be able to produce 500 or more docks. The idea was to be able to have both an iPhone version of the dock as well as a USB type-c version.

Brief sketch.jpg
cad 4.JPG


The task was to design a dock in the shape of the D in the Daresay logo. The idea was to have this as something you could give away as a marketing stunt where people would find it useful and always be in the presence of the company logo.

Since the base of the dock was in the shape of the "D" in the logo, most of the ideation was done in Fusion360 where I could edit things as soon as a print was done or I got insight from user testing.

Daresay Logo

This method allowed me to change things as I was going, enabling me to quickly iterate on the design and adjust features to make a dock that both designers and developers at the office fount useful and reliable. 



I started this project by making a lot of prototypes. I realized that there were a lot of things that needed to be sorted out such as tolerances between the cable and the dock, or the balance of the dock when there are a heavier phone plugged in such as an iPhone 8 Plus. I started making lots of smaller pieces to save some printing time as I was figuring out the cable situation. I also went through various form studies to figure out the scale of the dock visually. 


Explorational Renders

During the ideation stage I got some intial feedback on details that people wanted to add to the dock. I ended up not adding them for manufacturing reasons but it was still fun to explore them. 


final product

The final product is a phone dock that is both functional and works with the companys brand guidlines.