Floatplane iPad App

Floatplane.com is a service that is built by Linus Media Group after the pre-release platform, Vessel, was shut down after Verizon acquired them. The idea of floatplane.com is to host similar services as vessel, meaning the ability to host videos with a higher quality than what YouTube can host and allowing creators to get paid directly for their content without running ads on their videos.

The current website is in an Alpha stage and there are a lot of things that will change before it is running in its full planned capacity. Since they are full at work on the website, they have no immediate plans to make any iOS or Android apps of the service.

This is a design exploration to what an iPad app for floatplane.com would look like.


current website

Current website.png

In the current version of the website you can scroll through the feed of the creators you have subscribed to as well as watch, comment and download videos. You also have the ability to manage your subscriptions and change your settings such as security settings and billing.



Home screen
Video Player.png