Soundscape portable speaker

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This was a school project where the class was tasked to design something for normann copenhagen. We were free to design whatever we wanted and the only criteria we had was that it had to match the current design language of the company. The end result was that the entire class designed different products that in the end looked like they were all part of a collection. 

I chose to design a speaker because of my interest in consumer electronics. The only electronic products they have currently are lamps and I wanted to explore this market segment for them. This was a challenge for me not only to design a speaker that would fit in to the design language of normann copenhagen, but also to make it work. 




Preliminary Research

During the initial research I looked at the products that normann copenhagen is offering.


Market Research

Before I Started designing a speaker I looked at what was available on the market. Apart from the BeoPlay speakers there were none that had the minimalist approach of the Scandinavian design language. This mean that the could be a market for costumer who want a wireles speaker that they could have on display at home and bring with them to various activities.



During the ideation phase I looked at what the normann copenhagen brand was and what kind of design language it follows. 



The story of how the speaker came to life.

2016-05-29 20.42.08.jpg
2016-04-17 12.58.42.jpg

Initial Paper model

This was the initial paper mockup where I got an initial feel for the size and form of the speaker. First insight I made was the the speaker needs to be taller to not only fit all of the components but also for the feel of the speaker.

2016-05-21 14.53.44.jpg

Poplar Model

This poplar model was the initial wood model to get a feel for what the speaker would look and feel like without cutting up the more expensive maple wood. It was also a practice piece where i learned what to do and not to do as I cut it out for the final model.

Component Testing

Cardboard mockups were used throughout the project to test the components and to make sure that the design worked and that the components fit in the speaker.

Front and

Side Meshes

The meshes and boarders were made with laser cut acrylic and 3D printed boarders. I chose to go with this approach to make the most accurate pieces possible. The 3D printers would not have the accuracy to get the same result with the mesh as the laser did and I would not be able to get the same accuracy and the same consistency with the boarders as the 3D printers.

2016-05-31 17.10.05-1.jpg

The Chaos Hidden Inside

This is what is looks like on the inside of the prototype. A final production model would have a single circuit board (seen in the exploded view below).




Exploded View


Final Product

The Soundscape Portable Speaker is a stylish Bluetooth speaker that fits into every living room and is easy to control. Simply turn on the speaker and connect to it and you are done. The rest is controlled through your device of choice.